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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

I love it when I’m trusted to do something new. There is an overwhelming sense of self-importance when another sane person sees talent in your twistedness and the thought of learning something new has always had me on glee. If I hadn’t mentioned before, I didn’t have clients, I thought of the people that I saw more as subjects. In both senses of someone being studied and that of who a Queen rules.

So, this particular subject was an older man, think I’m early 30s, he’s of that age between my parents and grandparents old, and I know he’s been around [for a while] and already shown me a thing or two. He schedules some time with me and as I confirm I get ‘Good morning Miss, are you ready to learn something new today?’

I’ve learned as a dominant, just because you are in control you have to always keep in mind that you must always submit to learning.

I’ve seen him several times so he could just come on in. He showered and met me in my

playroom. He walked in with the tools and the lesson began. He was thankful that I had study anatomy, especially the male anatomy. There's really a sexy feeling of putting on the nurse's uniform. My favorite is when I put on the gloves.

They are like a mask for me. It a little sense of danger, that I'm getting into something that I shouldn't be and it's going to get messy. Okay, so this is not one of those messy moments, this was one of those painstakingly slow moments.

Since he trusted me, he wanted to go a couple sizes bigger than what he was used to. With his hands tied to the table, he proceeded to direct me. I loved how slow and intricate this session was. It amazed me how he could feel the littlest of details in my slowest movements. I could feel his body want to quiver but not in fear that I may poke an organ.

Then finally I hit that sweet spot! Oh my God I was tickling his prostate through his dick. I mean holy fuck talk about edging him as I slowly pulled the sound out. Slowly twisting and turning.

Do you think there was a mess?

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