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PUNISHMENT ~ physical punishment, such as caning or flogging.

Once upon a time, there was a strict school in a small town where corporal punishment was the norm. The headmaster believed that physical punishment was the best way to teach discipline to her students, and she would not hesitate to use it whenever necessary.

One day, a new student named Tom arrived at the school. Tom was a shy and timid boy, who had always been afraid of authority figures. He struggled to fit in and often found himself being scolded for small mistakes.

One day, Tom accidentally spilled some ink on the floor. The headmaster, who happened to be passing by, saw what had happened and immediately dragged Tom to her office. There, she scolded the boy and made him bend over her desk. She then proceeded to give Tom several hard strokes of her paddle, leaving the boy in confusion and tears.

Tom was traumatized by the experience. The experience of corporal punishment left a lasting impression on Tom. Because he's never had such a beautiful and authoritative figure, he grew into a man seeking more attention. As an adult, he became that cocky boss that most of his subordinates didn't care for and when they did like him they thought 'he got some', when in reality he was taking back to a time when he was shown the affection of infliction from a beautiful hand.

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