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Me & the Bestie for the Snatch

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

ABDUCTION ~ the action of taking someone away by force or deception.

I've always been likable, but still a little weird. People are drawn to me, but not everyone understands my antics. And then the universe aligns paths for all hell to break loose.

We'll call him Brian. Now I'd been waiting a while for Brian to call me wanting to play a wicked public little game and he finally worked up the nerve. He'd always annoyed me wanting to talk of his true worthlessness and how he should be humiliated but because of his privileged career advantage and how no one would stand up to him and bring him down a peg or two.

If you didn't know this about me before, I love when you tell me your hard limits and fears and let me have my way with you.

So Brian's fear was humiliation and his limit was cross-dressing. Perfect! I asked him how he felt about being in public and he said it wouldn't faze him. Keep in mind, he's ready for my other writings and thought 'how cute.' I always ask people to be specific on limits, because I am a BOLD BITCH and the last thing I want to do is waste a plan. Here's where the plotting begins.

While excited for 'Hot Tub Titty Tuesdays' at the bestie's house, as I pull up I see she's gone and got herself a Pinterest project, she bought an old bus for us to gut and revamp. Once we got the major stuff done Betty was ready. Keep in mind, Betty was renovated for going 'glamping', but there were a few things we left it is that caused my imagination to stir. So I mentioned to the bestie how cool it would be if we seduced an 'unexpecting' gent and totally teased and tortured him around the city. Do you see where my sweet little imagination is going?

Back to Brian. I shot him an email of my thoughts. Well, I didn't tell him what I was planning exactly, but I reached out and asked him what day he can have at least 4 hours of freedom and what his contribution was, and he agreed to my terms. (Easy peasy lemon squeezy) I gave him the time and place to meet me. 'Nothing crazy, just meet me at blah blah blah.'

My best friend and I arrived at the bar about 30mins before Brian was expected, went inside, and had a shot. Oh, I didn't tell Brian I had an accomplice. So, before he gets there she goes over to the other side of the bar to hang out. Brian finally gets there. We have a couple of cocktails and he gets just a tiny little buzz so I suggest we leave and go have a little fun. As we're walking, he doesn't notice a black school bus roll a little past us. In a flirtatious way, I ask him to smell a new fragrance I was trying out and he was out like a light.

Now Brian is not a little man, but me and my best are a couple of strong bitches. We loaded him onto Betty and not a single person stopped to help or question what was going on, we strapped him to the custom table we installed, blindfolded him and we were off. It took about 15-20 minutes before he snapped out of it only to find himself blindfolded, bound and gagged in a moving vehicle. Can you imagine, having no idea of where you're going, who took you, and what they are going to do to you?

And then he hears my voice along with another girl giggling.

It was a delicious series of events. He could make as much noise to his hearts content and no one would come to save him.

A lady never kisses and tells, but apparently I created the effect of Stockholm Syndrome and he stayed with me for 2 years.

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