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Ego Trip

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

e·go/ˈēɡō/ Noun a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

I know that every time I am out and about, the eyes are on me. I can be super bummy and not want to be bothered, looking super cute and waiting on the perfect person or persons to fuck with or glammed up cocky with the perfect undercover sub.

One of my favorite times had to have been the night of John. He’s a high-powered CEO, always well dressed, a fat cock with an ego to match. He’s single by choice, as all the women he meets all of a sudden go from the boss bitch they claim to be to the submissive the truly are. Boy, did he find the right one in me.

He followed my screening and requests to a T. So, I felt comfort with his specific request. He wanted a sexy ebony one his arm that was old enough to be aware, but still young enough to be exciting. We were going to an exclusive lounge for the crème de la crème of the ATL entrepreneurs. It would be the same faces as usually and he wanted to shake up his routine. John had taste; he had picked the perfect ensemble for me to wear. This is a man that knows what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go get it and take it.

He told me of how he’d had experiences with various domes, but he felt like he was still in charge. Paddles, strap-ons and handcuffs just didn’t really do it for him. He’d seen my reviews and heard that I’d had a vivid imagination and challenged me. I had him for 12 hours’ time.

When I arrived at his penthouse, he’d had the yummiest appetizers, a bath drawn with an esthetician and massage therapist waiting for me and still to this day that ensemble he had picked out for make is still the sexiest I’ve ever felt. But who wants to hear all that jazzed?

Before we walked out the door, I stopped, turned around and told him to drop his pants as I squatted down to his junk-hood. I know in his mind he thought I was just another heaux that was trying to guarantee a bag or a trick. I was already well overcompensated for my time, so no that was not my intention. I reached into my clutch and pulled out a cute little cock ring with lock and butt plug. He just knew at this point I must be cocky little amateur, but he amused me and let me proceed.

We arrived at our destination; I was his charming young eye candy as we mingled through the crowd to our table. Once sat, I asked him to go to the bar and grab our drinks. He tried to push back and convenience me to wait for the cocktail waitress. The sweet and salty smile I shot him got his ass up and headed to the bar. Being his sweet candy, I am, I watched him walk to the bar over my shoulder. Flirting like a new puppy the entire time, I knew his various colleagues were watching our interaction.

As soon as he had the drinks in hand and was coming back to me, watching me the entire time, I reached into my clutch again, but I didn’t pull anything out. That was when he felt a strong vibration play with his prostate. I swear I wanted to fall out on the floor as he dropped every drop of our drinks to all over the floor. The look he gave me was so priceless. I didn’t think he’d have such a strong reaction, but I shooed him back to the bar for our drinks. This time he slowed his pace and watched me as if I would give a tell. My hands were on the table, so how could I. Unless I had programed his butt plug on a random timer, which I had and as soon as he was about 2 feet from our table it surprised him again.

After a time, we decided to do a little mingling and of course I still had his butt plug programed and it could not have been timed more perfect. Just as we were ending the evening with one last conversations with his colleagues, that was when his butt plug was timed to cum. The best part were the conversations where he couldn’t dismiss himself. To his credit, he handled himself very well when he came in his pants, he was quick and spilled his drink just perfectly. Between his weird behavior and spilling his drink on his crotch (while standing there) with a young black woman, you know there was to be talk in the office the next day.

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