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Taken by Surprise

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Jason had started seeing a beautiful kinky new companion for a couple of months now. Since his breakup, he’s seen many beautiful women, but there was something about this girl. He had always fantasied about ebony girls, but of all his fantasies a dominate true bitch that wasn’t afraid to put him in his place was at the top of his list.

His cocky ass had been watching Kitty for a while but dared not to reach out. He knew it was a matter of time before I had his chance and the time would be right. Of all the other companions he had met, they all had the same main quality, they were white. It had been the same thing over and over again. Sure, they had their differences, but it was that Kitty didn’t just meet that ebony fetish, there was something that made his balls and brain tingle.

She was natural and outgoing, but also timid and shy. She knew just what to say, when to say it, how to say it and when not to give in to him. There was something about her company that he loved being around. Jason knew that this woman saw through his narcissism and just might be his cure.

How does the man that thinks he has everything obtain the most beautiful caged bird ever? He doesn’t, she bites him and flies away.

He laid many a night thinking about the fun they had. If only she was more honest with him about the things she really wanted; if she was more assertive and dominate with him and didn’t try to be the submissive, she wasn’t. He still continued to be the fun-loving dick that no one actually liked but dared to correct.

Years later, Jason discovers that his favorite muse had flown back. Little does he know that she’s missed him and has planned the ultimate reunion.

Just when Jason’s guard had been let down and he had to make a rare appearance at his office, he was ambushed by when he was leaving by two men, bigger than he. From the gruff in their voices, he thought it could have been black men, but he’d paid off enough people where no one should have been made at him and he owed no favors. All he knew was that at that moment he had been bagged and stuffed in some sort of big trunk.

The ride in which seems to go on for hours finally stopped. When he heard his estranged kidnappers coming to get him, he realized that he had indeed been stuffed not just in the trunk, but in a duffle bag that they could pick him up and do with him as they pleased. Who and why were they doing this to him? A narcissist never thinks it’s his fault, he’s never done anything wrong. With all these thoughts, Jason didn’t know if he passed out from his own fear or if the kidnappers had done something, but all of a sudden, he woke up, blinded, and felt his arms and legs stretched and bound.

Before he could yell out, a familiar scent on a soft fabric crossed his nose and he knew it was her.

Would she ravish him sexually or punish him physically? At this point in his life, he was a known john so he knew what this was.

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