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Drag That Bitch

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Now I love a great drag queen, but there is something about a sissy boi that makes me want to make him into my personal slut with every orifice having something crammed in it.

A half day's transformation with a trust fund boi that KNEW he should have been born a slut. It started with his makeover, he was a natural ginger, so I decided on a straight blond wig with bangs. He had hair and the wig could be secured so she would feel the pull.

Next came the face. She must be pretty. The lipstick have to be the perfect color to make a pretty ring around the cock, so I went with red. And the eyes, don't you think it's sexy when you're getting head and a bitch is gagging so hard that her mascara and eyeliner run down her face? I know I do.

Next, the panties. His dick was already small enough that it looked like an oversized clit. The panties were pink and frilly and just cheeky enough to show off those pale cheeks. All the better for leaving sweet cherry handprints.

Now that she's all dressed up, we had to work on those gag reflexes and fuck rosebud, I wanted to make sure that that back pussy would withstand a pounding. So, Roberto (make sure to roll your Rs) joined the party and we took turns. I started in the front, my goal was to touch her tonsil nice and slow as she gets rammed super fast from behind. Hearing her choking and wanting to throw up just made it hotter.

Then came time to switch. I changed my dick to the 'Puerto Rican,' a good 10 inches with a Coke can girth. She was going to learn to take deep strokes feeling every vein

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