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Panties in a Bunch

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Honestly, I don't get it, but I do find it entertaining and I'm here for it.

There is something about a man in women's clothes that does it for me. Hell, we can can even go out and grab a cocktail together, I'll even hold your purse. But there is a special place for those that want to be a sissy. I love when I get to condition a fresh sissy into a cheap bimbo. They are so whiny and annoying and I FUCKING love disciplining them.

It's always the ones that don't fit the 'normal' stereotype. The one's I typically recondition are the machismo types, typically shorter than average with a petite frame. He's a douche bag in his profession and knows he needs to be brought down a peg or two and I like to start with them on their knees praying to be pegged. The goal is to redirect their success to being the best cum guzzling cheap whore that makes me a lot of money.


I have to make sure those gag reflexes are on point. It's about being able to take it past that little dangling thing in the back of your throat.

There is sexy in choking so hard your makeup runs. Get used to wearing the right shade of lipstick that looking good around any cock. How wide will your mouth open? Stretching your jowls to fit the cock and balls at the same time and suck the life out of them. Getting your throat ready to open up and to swallow so much cum.

The Look

Now we get have to bring out your inner bimbo. (You're not a slut, you don't just deserve that title) Do you even know your measurements and sizes? Probably not so we're going to have to go to a store and/or boutique and get your measurements. And yep, you're going to try shit on and I don't care if you feel embarrassed about a total stranger seeing your transformation. Next we focus on your head (to get ready to give head).Your makeup will have to be pretty enough but I also want it to be cheap enough to smear across your face from cum, spit and tears.

Of course, you will be judged. You should feel like a Barbie on display and if you are flawed there will be consequences.

Filling in the Gaps

Now comes my favorite part. Your orifices need to be stretched. You've been dying to make it this far and I and going to work you to the bone. First, it will just be me poking and prodding around your mouth and ass hole. If you're a brown noser then I will have to pull out my fuck machine. To shove my biggest cock in your mouth with my fuck machine rams you so hard in your back pussy and in a quick spin, the table is turned. That machine rams your face so hard while I take you from behind.

You're going to learn to trust and love surprises. To tie you down for doggie style with my favorite blindfold. At this point you're ready and I have some awesome friends that you'll never meet but they will have honor of disrespecting you. The only thing that you will know is that there are many different hands and dicks all over you.

Bitch Better Have My Money

So now you get your degree in Bimbo. Are you ready to hit the streets? That was fucking rhetorical, you're going to get out there for cheap and bring me a lot of money. I want to you to go and suck all kinds of cocks and take different size dicks in all sorts of places. Make sure your hair and face are done, you're attire is slutty and accessible, but no knee pads. Don't worry I'll be close by after every trick.

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