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Ice Ice Baby

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

On my visit to Detroit, I picked up a sweet glass 7" with the naughtiest ridges around it.

Every time I've visited Detroit, I've always had a great experience, but I couldn't wait to get be home to try out my new toy. And I knew the perfect client to try it on. Let's call this client 'Bob'.

Bob was one of those guys that was down for just about anything. I liked to call him my unicorn for punishment. I learned a few knots for his submission; his ass was one of the first to meet Cherry; his knees and wrists had been conditioned to loath sandpaper, so better person to out my new glass toy, frozen edition.

Thankfully, Bob was a gentleman that scheduled his sessions at least 24-48 hours in advance which gave me plenty of time to prep. I was told that glass toys retain temperatures for a very long time. So, I put my new 7" in the freezer, after I got it nice and wet and left it for there for eight hours.

Others can tell you my favorite for of temperature torture was my bourbon cubes, but I had no idea just how wicked the 7" of glass would be.

Finally, time had come, and everything was prepped and ready for the session. I tied Bob to the table, securely, and put a blindfold and soundproof headphones on him. I edged him for a long while with Rosebud, bringing him to the brink and then taking it away.

(Don't expect the gritty details, it's his experience, get your own)

I must have edged him at least 4x before introducing him to my new toy. His asshole puckering and glistening and his balls tight just aching for what's next. HA!

I slide the condom on the 7" and added extra lube. At first, the cold made those cute little rosy cheeks tighten up, but luckily, I had rigged the ropes and with just a quick up, his legs were back opened wide.

It took little coaxing, but once he opened up he really opened up. I mean he opened up so much and so fast he literally sucked the 7" out of my hand. I just barely caught the ball before it went up inside of him. My instant reaction was to pull it out, but instead I got a science lesson.

Cold dildo + lubed condom + warm sphincter = torture

Yep, you guessed it. It got stuck. There was no budging, it was in there. I was really glad that Bob was blindfolded and deaf, because I was freaking out that I could pull it out without bringing the lining of his ass with it, so we had to wait.

I had to wait 30 minutes before I could do anything. It was one of the favorite sessions ever.

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