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Meet CoCo

Consent will lead you on a path to bliss, the devil is in the details

In real life, what am I like?  Well, you're meeting the real me. I'm the light that helps you see beauty in the darkness. My dominant demeaner comes from a nurturing place. There's a tase of mischief that delights in carnal sin.


I like people who take the time to read my website and treat me with reverence. They are the ones who truly experience indulgence. 

God does not take revenge; rather, He uses various disciplinary means so that man may realize his mistake, come to his senses, wake up from sin...

"and with her touch...


she became my favorite addiction."  

My passion for touch warrants a sense of excitement and relief. With the release of tension and stress your body will harness a euphoric sensation bliss.

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