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FemDom Schedule

Monday - Thursday | 9am - 7pm

Friday & Saturday | 8am -9pm

Self booking is my screening 

25% deposit required (discreet professional billing)

Self reschedule/cancel*


Your Favorite Mean Girl

Physical Amusement

“The sadist desires to command and control. The masochist desires to be freed from the burdens of liberty. That is Socialism.”
― A.E. Samaan

I love to administer pain, it's not just about the physical sensations, it's the mental anguish and anxiety. Like a kitten being amused with a ball of yearn, there's such happiness in watching it wiggle and unravel. To stare deep into your eyes as you don't know how to cry out. Temperatures, textures, vibrations; spikes, hooks and furs; Oh My! My imagination has no sensor. Of my writings, which do you think I've done and what do you think I want to do.

My Favorite Mis-Treatments and Fetishes

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