Servitude & Worship

In my presence, you should either be kneeling or bowing. 

From the bottom of my soles to the tippy top of my crown with all my goodies in between, I am your temple of worship.

Serve me and pay your dues. 

Even if you are worthless, you will pay your dues.

Financial Spoilings

A wise woman once said, happiness is not in money, but in shopping. Since the dawn of currency, man has made up for his short comings and/or lack of good looks with money. I believe a gentleman should never be in the presence a lady or woman without a gift in his hand. Getting gifts of shoes is my favorite. Purses are fun, but luggage with cash is way better. Honestly, I'd prefer your 'hard' earned cash and for you to watch me spend it and carry my bags. If you can't join, even better, I get a thrill out teasing you with pics and videos of what I'm up to with your money.

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