Home Body

Let's not rush things

It feels great to be in good company. 

(These are times when we need social interaction the most, but not with too many people.)

Don't you miss date nights that are fun and engaging.  


Good company is all it takes

There is nothing wrong with staying in and hanging out. We don't have to watch movies, sometimes it feels good to just have intellectual stimulation. 


Let's Eat

Do you have chef skills 

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms.

Are you used to doing all the cooking, maybe tired of cooking for one?

Do you know how to cook, maybe we can prepare an awesome home cooked meal together. 

Game On

Are you competitive?

I'll admit I'm not the best gamer, but I kick ass at Uno and all the reading I do pays off when it comes to trivia. I want to learn to play poker and I'm not afraid to wage a strip tease either. 

Click Here for my Gamer Wishlist

Workout Buddy

Is it easier for you to work out with a partner

I've got a few goals I'm working on myself and I believe

'Anything you can do, I can do better' 

We can do the gym thing or we can do yoga. Either way we are going to break a wet.


Cuddle Bug

Are you a good snuggler

Did you know that snuggling is great for decreasing anxieties?

Have you had times where you were trying to snuggle with someone and it just felt awkward?


I want to help with that, I am a touch specialist