Give me reason to let you see me make them happen

Your Guilt Tax
You feel guilt....
Pay your sin tax
 Tithe to your guilt
I know just what to do with it and you have to watch how I spend it
My Business
I love touching people, and my new Colorado office is just a stepping stone to my concept retreat. 
Feel better when you tribute to my professional future
My Dream Car
I love a good road trip, but only in comfort and style. 
Do you have a sweet little dungeon or play space you want me to see?
Give me a reason to come to you. 

Monthly Tributes

I want you to know just where your tribute is going. 

Make sure you include a phone number and email to receive regular updates. 

 * be sure to pick your ideal tribute, we are monthly until canceled*

The Household ~ $$$$$
  • (2) 15 min chat/call weekly

  • (2) 15 min custom

  • 1 Dinner Date

The Fabulous Chef ~ $$

You have a taste for the finer delicacies  of life. 

I'm familiar with such affairs

Body Fit
~ $$
  • an hour of cam/phone time

  • (2) 15 min custom video

  • (5) weekly photo updates

~ $$
  • 60 mins of cam/call time

  • 15 min custom

  • 5 weekly progress pics

Flowers ~ $

This girl loves flowers, it just make for a better day. At home or in the office, they'll make me think fun thoughts.

~ $$$
  • 5 weekly pics

  • (2) 10 min custom video

  • 60 min cam/call

  • 90 min brunch date

Amazon Wishlist

I do love Amazon and I have a sweet little wish list and love getting those surprises.

Image by Wesley Gibbs
High Hopes

Talk about getting in my great graces. I believe in herbal remedies, they make me feel good and gets my creativity flowing.

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