Sensual Touch

Touching people is my passion.

In one way or another, everyone wants to be touched. 

My signature is the Let Go Massage, proving that massage doesn't have to be the typical spa experience. My touch is always therapeutic and can start or end with the most blissful release. You still reap the benefits of traditional massage, there's just extra relief to be had. 


If it isn't the best massage you've ever had, it's damn near the top.



CBD and THC have amazing therapeutic benefits. From inhalation to tinctures to oils, 

*CBD oil is effective at relieving

chronic pain | lungs capacity | weight loss | depression | seizures | ADHD/ADD | anxiety | alcoholism and more

**THC is effective at 

providing pain relief | easing nausea & vomiting | protecting brain cells | being a sleep aid | treat PTSD | increases appetite | enhances the senses and more


Prostate Stimulate

There is a lovely little button inside of the 'button' that is the male g-spot. If it's tickled just the right way or ways, the feeling is both titillating and orgasmic. 


The Nuru slide is an exciting body-to-body massage that uses a warm seaweed based lubricant. It's warm, thick and very sticky and requires a shower.

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