People say 'Mean Girl' like its a bad thing. 

I think I'm well misbehaved and a little misunderstood.


It's that playful yet mischievous side that isn't meant for everyone. A great imagination mixed with devilish antics will make for a hell of a roller coaster.

Now you just have to decide which ride you prefer


Let's see how my imagination is feeling.

I heard unicorns are really fun.


Tell me your hard limits and get ready for a trip into my world. It will be like a kinky, perverted roller coaster, but you keep getting off. ;) 

Tantalizing Torture

For the lover of Masochism. 

You're a lover of physical sensation, 

Paddles, whippings, OTK, electricity, stock, tickling



Bend Over Boyfriend


We're going to explore the orifice that holds one of the most amazing potential for ecstasy.

Straps, plugs, hooks, speculum

*Newbie/Beginner friendly 


On your knees

You want to idolize and worship

You've searched for your Goddess and now you have found me.

Foot, hands, ass, legs, servant, follower 

Smoking Hot

It's all about the oral fixation.

What will I smoke with you and what will I do with those ashes

Fear Play

Do you love being scared or perhaps you want to be conditioned to love your fear

Tickling, feathers, darkness, needles, abandonment, etc. 

How to make a reservation 

Please understand that I am only allowing 1 appointment a day for proper time to clean and sanitize. 

Paying a deposit shows a great respect for my time.

I have a professional and discreet booking system that allows you to schedule, reschedule or cancel*. Booking with you deposit is also a form of screening and you also have the option to pay in full. You'll receive a confirmation email with my location and directions. 

Ask Me About My Limits